Chapter 1: Initiation

Before he became El Jaguár, his life was happy. But when his adopted mother’s death jars his memory of his murdered birth parents, the man who will become El Jaguár sets off to track down the power of the jaguar spirit, hoping to rescue his parents from the land of the dead or, failing that, avenge them.

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Chapter 2: La Sirena

Unable to avenge his parents -- he cannot remember what the killers looked like, or even where he was born -- El Jaguár sets out to do the next best thing, knocking sense into a young man who cheated on his girlfriend. In the cemetery, they encounter a pretty girl who is not what she at first seems.

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Chapter 3: Cantina

Recognizing the leader of the vigilante patrol that murdered his parents by the buttons on his uniform in a faded campaign poster, El Jaguár learns that the man he seeks has gone to the United States. But a particularly violent run-in with La Sirena forces him to make the trip north far sooner than expected.

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Chapter 6: The Kids

Back where he started from in Tecate, discouraged at having failed in his quest for vengeance, El Jaguár encounters three children, Rafael, Diego, and Frankie, stranded and desperate after a failed attempt to cross the border to join their parents.

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